Productivity Must-Have Travel Accessories for Business Travelers

by Anna Davies | July 23, 2018

Seasoned business travelers have packing down to a science, but as new travel trends emerge, it may be time to tweak that carry-on.

These accessories can help make your trip safer, more comfortable and devoid of a panic-driven midnight dash to buy something last-minute. Consider putting these must-have items in the suitcase (or in the luggage suggested below) for your next trip.

1. Upgrade naptime

Catching a few extra winks is key for busy road warriors who depart at dawn and return on the red eye. Forgo flimsy airline blankets and bring your own quality version instead. Look for the easy-to-pack sets which usually include a lightweight blanket and a light-blocking eye mask (check out the bug-eye style to avoid sleep lines on your face) in a travel-ready bag. For maximum in-flight coziness, sets come in a range of soft fabrics from fleece-lined to luxe-cashmere.

2. Try voice assist on the go

If you’ve become hooked on a voice assistant at home, consider a portable option for your carry-on. Connect it to the Wi-Fi at your destination, and stay updated on the news, talk with friends or colleagues and it could even help you sort out travel plans. Even if you’re halfway around the world, your voice command technology can make you feel right at home. Note: make sure the assistant is supported internationally if you’re bringing it abroad.

3. Take better photos

Carve out down time during your next work trip to see the sights and snap artistic shots to share on your feed. Enhance your photos with small portable lenses that clips on to your mobile phone or tablet. These lenses, which range from $10 to about $50, allow you to customize photos with wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses for a polished look and feel.

4. Find safe Wi-Fi networks

Traveling for business can be stressful, especially if you’re unsure about the stability or security of a hotel’s Wi-Fi network. A portable Wi-Fi travel router can help you connect to either a wired network or a hotspot, like your phone. You can also purchase an external hotspot device that gives you internet access just about anywhere. Devices can range from $15 to upwards of $50 depending on capability.

Even if you’re halfway around the world, your voice command technology can make you feel right at home.
End Quote

5. Get smarter luggage

More and more suitcases offer GPS capabilities, battery chargers and even a built-in scale. These bags come in a range of sizes, including carry-on, giving you multiple accessory essentials all in one place. The battery charger alone can be a lifesaver if you’ve ever helplessly watched your battery drain on a flight with no outlets available.

6. Have a laundry day

Whether it’s getting a coffee stain out of a skirt or freshening up a few shirts, a portable laundry system not only helps you deal with stains while on the go, but you’ll also avoid hotel laundry fees. These systems tend to fold up to a small rectangle, weigh in at less than half a pound and have scrubbing nodules within the bag designed to get clothes truly clean. Bonus: These compact wash bags require less water per use so they’re eco-friendly, too.

7. Be solar powered

As our lives become increasingly more connected, one charger and cable may not cut it. Having a USB solar charger allows you to power up your phone while you sit at a sunny café and sip a cappuccino. Plus, depending on where you’re traveling in the world, it eliminates the need for multiple plugs and power adaptors.

A USB solar charger allows you to power up your phone while you sit at a sunny café and sip a cappuccino.
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8. Go green

Finding space in an already-stuffed bag for an aluminum or hard plastic water bottle can be a challenge, but there’s always room for a flexible collapsible water bottle. Carrying your own bottle is an eco-friendly choice, and durable BPA-free silicone bottles that can hold cold or hot liquid are available in several sizes and colors. And, while you’re on the green-travel theme, consider picking up a reusable glass, silicone or stainless steel straw to further cut down on plastic waste.

Anna Davies

is a Jersey City, NJ-based writer whose work has appeared in Glamour, The Cut, Cosmopolitan and Refinery29.