Meet Your 2024 Wellness Goals with These Mind-Body Tools

Set yourself up for a healthier year with this advice on workouts, eating habits and more.
by Amelia Mularz |January 14, 2024

The start of the new year is a natural time for a reset, but in order for those resolutions to stick, they need to feel realistic and doable. That’s why we asked pros to share actionable ideas for improving mental and physical fitness. Try their tips to help boost your wellness. 

Flex your gym plans

Finding time in a packed schedule can be one of the biggest barriers to exercising regularly, but the rise of on-demand workout platforms and streaming services has made it substantially easier to get your heart rate going. “I’ve seen so much creativity, growth, innovation and collaboration to make it happen at home, outdoors or safely in person,” says Aryan Rashed, CEO and owner of the Miami-based Pilates brand Tremble.  

 From programs providing flat-rate access to studios, gyms and virtual workouts to platforms loaded up with live and on-demand classes, the broader offerings mean you can craft a workout schedule that’s more flexible – and potentially more motivating. “I never have to select the same class twice, which challenges my mind, body and spirit,” says Chelsea Williams, a wellness expert who specializes in plant-based eating. 

Fitness gear can help you make the most of that exercise time too. Slip on ankle or wrist weights for added resistance during cardio or try an under-the-desk elliptical to squeeze in a workout without ever logging off. 

Tap into technology

To improve your memory, increase your focus and help you feel sharper, consider adding online games or puzzles to your daily routine. Or subscribe to self-help podcasts or a guided-meditation app to start your day or wind down with a calmer mind. If you find it challenging to make it to appointments with healthcare practitioners, consider going digital – a number of networks offer experts in various areas, including craniosacral therapy and Ayurvedic medicine, who can conduct sessions virtually.  


Fuel yourself wisely

Eating mindfully means not only paying attention to portion sizes but also understanding  where your food comes from so you can be sure you’re buying grass-fed or locally raised meats, for example, if that is important to you. One way to get to know growers in your area is to sign up for a Community Supported Agriculture subscription; CSAs connect people with in-season produce sold directly from local farmers, and there are meat and fish versions too.  

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