Strengthening Black Communities Through Partnership

by the editorial team at Citi |September 15, 2022

Life and Money by Citi is highlighting Black entrepreneurs, Minority Depository Institutions and the success stories that are creating a movement: The New Black Wall Street.

For Kevin Cohee, president and CEO of OneUnited Bank, supporting Black entrepreneurship is part of his family heritage.

"I come from a long history of very successful, very strong Black men," says Cohee, whose 19th-century ancestors helped settle Black communities throughout Oklahoma as well as develop Tulsa's Greenwood District, better known as Black Wall Street. "They were always involved in the whole business of trying to create resources for Blacks."

Rebuilding Black Wall Street with Black leadership

Black representation in this collaboration was important to Cohee. "Harold Butler is a top Black banker at a major institution, which for us was a big deal," he says. But what most impressed him was the bank's ambition to help close the racial wealth gap and help create the Black community of tomorrow.

"It's understanding that, whatever the challenges might have been in the past, we have to look forward and we have to create institutions that cannot only participate in local economies but also regional and national economies."

Watch the video above for the full story of how Citi and OneUnited Bank are collaborating to support the next generation of Black entrepreneurs.

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