Sports Justin and Mike Thomas on Guts, Golf and Father-Son Bonds

by Roger Kamholz | July 12, 2018


When professional golfer and Citi ambassador Justin Thomas was a kid learning the sport from his dad, Mike, the elder Thomas made a choice: In the arena of the golf course, Mike would be Justin’s friend first and his father second.

Mike — a club pro in his own right — has long been Justin’s golf coach. And by adopting a role more akin to a supportive friend than an overbearing parent, Mike helped to cultivate Justin’s precocious talent, to the tune of eight PGA tournament wins by age 25, PGA Player of the Year and numerous other accolades.

What else makes Justin and Mike’s unique relationship so special? And more importantly, who’s the better dresser? Find out in this rare side-by-side Q&A with Ashley Mayo, presented by Citi and Sports Illustrated. (Paid Content)

Roger Kamholz creates content for Citi’s Global Consumer Bank. He has written about dining and travel for more than 10 years, and in that time has lost a lot of golf balls in the woods.


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