Sports Female Empowerment on the Golf Course

by Nicole Baiocco | February 19, 2021

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As part of the #SeeHer in Sports movement, Team Citi Golfers, Danielle Kang and Hannah Green, discuss the topic of empowerment on the course.

Danielle Kang, world renowned golfer, currently ranked 5th in the world, has made quite a name for herself, from winning two amateur championships before she was 18 to attaining victories at major golf championships. Hannah Green, currently ranked 18th in the world, is an Australian professional golfer who has also captured impressive victories at renowned golf tournaments.

With years of experience in the game and wise advice to offer to aspiring female athletes, Citi sat down with Danielle and Hannah to discuss their careers and the ways in which they believe we can successfully increase the visibility of women in sports.

Danielle and Hannah candidly address the obstacles they face as females on the course, but, perhaps more importantly, they provide guidance on how they have driven empowerment through advocacy, perseverance, and passion. Danielle and Hannah echo similar sentiment about the importance of having a strong community – leaning on female role models and using one’s voice to create space for change and pave the way for future generations of female athletes.

Citi proudly supports Danielle Kang and Hannah Green, as well as all of our Team Citi Athletes, for their steadfast commitment to diversity and creating a more inclusive space for athletes of all kinds to attain the recognition they rightfully deserve. Sports is a passion point for Citi. It can serve as a connector, and often healer, in times of crisis. With the unprecedented challenges that recent times have brought, the power of sport helped us continue forward.

Nicole Baiocco

creates digital content as a member of Citi’s editorial team.