Music Musicians Brandi Carlile and Brittany Howard, in Conversation

by the editorial team at Citi | March 13, 2020

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Great music brings people together – and great musicians so often share a common vision of their craft.

When the occasion of the 2020 Citi Sound Vault concert series brought rockstars Brandi Carlile and Brittany Howard together under the same roof — that roof belonging to the storied Hollywood Palladium — the two struck up an intimate, unfiltered conversation about shaping their sound, connecting with crowds and how they help lift the voices of their fellow artists.

Americana singer Brandi Carlile has six solo albums under her belt, numerous music-industry awards on her shelf, and has founded an all-female country quartet called The Highwomen. She’s known for her strong voice on and off the stage as an activist for causes focusing on LGBTQ rights and women’s empowerment.

Brittany Howard is of equal prowess. Best-known as lead vocalist for the bands Alabama Shakes and Thunderbitch, Howard has also been busy collecting industry accolades and in 2019 released a solo album to critical acclaim.

Citi launched #SeeHerHearHer in partnership with the Association of National Advertisers and is committed to growth and progress for women in music, just as these two influential artists are.

In this exclusive conversation for Life and Money by Citi, Brandi and Brittany — who have known each other through the industry for years — cover what it’s like to be the only woman in the room, creating a safe space for others and the intimacy of a performance like Citi Sound Vault.

The energy between them is palpable and powerful. Don’t miss the video above.