Community Perspectives on Transgender Identity and Representation

by the editorial team at Citi | March 30, 2021

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In October of 2020, Citi announced a new feature which empowers transgender and non-binary people with the ability to use their chosen first name on eligible U.S. credit cards. 

For the first time, transgender and non-binary customers could match who they are to the name printed in plastic, without requiring a legal name change.

This credit card feature helps customers be seen and accepted for who they truly are.

To celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility, take a look behind the scenes of the campaign photoshoot where the trans and non-binary talent share their candid and personal perspectives on what it means to be called by their chosen name. As Dev, who is featured in the campaign, explains, “It’s so important that people are able to be represented and go by the names they choose and reflect who they are.” Watch the full video above.

Being seen is the beginning of everything. That’s why at Citi we’re giving our transgender and non-binary customers the choice to have account profiles and credit cards that match who they are — learn more here.